Startups!!! Do you need help with an idea or invention?

Help for StartUps!

Are you a startUp and you have come up with a GREAT IDEA but feel unsure what to do with it or how to even begin making it a reality? Here are a few steps to help you get started.

  • You were facing a problem and you found the perfect solution, but what now? It’s all in your mind at this point, so one of the very first things you should do is DOCUMENT your idea or invention. Take notes on how your idea works, sketch or doodle how you envision it, jot down any ideas related to your invention. Take time every day to make notes if you develop it even further. Be sure to write down every detail of your invention or idea in order to facilitate communication with a patent lawyer.
  • If you want to protect your idea you must patent it. But before you decide to patent your idea—and, of course, Spark Innovations can help you with every step of the process—make sure you RESEARCH. Verify that what you were thinking is not already in the marketplace. Just because you haven’t seen it does not mean it doesn’t already exist. Take some time to search the Internet. Be sure to include places like the US patent office. You can search their website for free at Make sure you combine every possible keyword related to your idea or invention.
  • Once you are certain it is not out there, you should start the process of protecting and PATENTING your idea/invention. Here at Your Product StartUp, we have a long and highly successful track record of obtaining optimal patent protection for inventions. We work with experienced patent agents and attorneys. Based on our knowledge of the design impact of key product features, we prepare formal patent briefs, recommending ways to direct the efforts and ease the load of the patent agents. Our industrial design and product development team develops products based on research of existing intellectual property, so even if there is a similar invention or idea patented or in the market, we can help you avoid entanglement with conflicting patents and improve the chances that your invention will be issued a patent number.
  • After patenting, your invention/idea is now protected. Years can go by before a patent agent from the US patent office gets back to you with a response or an objection. In the meantime, you can start the DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PROCESSof your idea. It is in this stage that you see your idea come to life; where a team of industrial designers, like the experts at Your Product Startup, makes your invention tangible and possible. We will create sketches, renders and CAD drawings to perfect your idea until it is ready to 3D print. In this process you get to feel, touch and test your invention until it’s ready to send off to manufacturing. During the design development process we will also take care of the graphics and packaging, selecting the right size and ideal materials for all product packaging.

We will ensure the invention and idea that once existed only in your mind is complete, from your initial dream to the final product.