Tips On Patenting Your Startup Innovation

3 Things To Have Ready Before You Patent Your Startup Idea

If you are looking for ways to protect your startup idea this post will help you understand what patents need and the process involved in securing a patent.

Patent Search

One of the most important thing to do before you file your patent is a patent search.

A patent search is a search of issued patents and published patent applications for inventions that might be considered important “prior art” references when applying for a patent. The prior art is anything out there already, in the public domain, patented or not patented. If found, this may determine whether an invention is novel or not.

A simple google search is not enough. Its important to google search of course but you need to look into the right search. Patent agents looks into each country’s database to compare your invention with ideas that are already protected. If you are planning on filing a United States patent you should do a patent search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office the same applies to all other countries in which you plan on applying.

Patent drawings

Each patent is filed with a set of patent drawings.

Patent drawings are illustrations the invention, some of its examples, or any prior art. If your idea is currently just in your head, we will help you with the development of the concepts. We will ensure your idea has a form of its own. We will generate sketches and, when approved, we will reproduce those sketches using a 3D software to create the 2D drawings you need.

Patent drawings have specific requirements. They contain reference numbers as the detailed description is outlined. The detailed description is used to describe what is being shown in the figures. The patent drawings must follow a set of rules like margins and font sizes. Creating the perfect patent drawings is vital to communicate with the patent office.

Patent Description/Content

Each startup patent needs a right description. At Your Product Startup we will also help you create the proper wording to describe your invention. You will need to provide the patent office you are applying to with a well-defined and brief description of the invention. The patent application for your invention needs an abstract, a description, and the claims.

Each drawing and the numeric references have to correspond with the perfect clarification. We will ensure your document is written in the correct way in order to create a broader protection for your claims.

Here at Your Product Startup we will work with you until you have filed your patent. Not only we will help protect your invention but we will help you complete the entire design development. We are here for you during any step of the design process. Check out our services and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!