Industrial Design Concepts






Industrial Design Concepts

Sketches and Concepts for Startups

Sketches and concepts are not just made to make your product presentable for a startup; they help you identify, examine, and validate the problem your product addresses, then craft, design, test, and deliver the solution.

Preliminary design concepts are developed, where we ensure that all product design concepts for your startup can be translated into feasible solutions. During this process, we study how the intended users interact with your design to ensure the product works the way its meant to. 

Aesthetics and styling that your startup needs

The aesthetics are all about the way your design looks and are largely responsible for how a new product design captures the market. During this stage of product design, we optimize a product’s appearance through sketching, 3D modeling, prototyping, and computer surface modeling continually refining the product’s aesthetics to appeal to the target market without sacrificing its functionality.

During this process, an industrial designer helps the Startups to bridge the gap between the desires of product users and the needs of product makers through creative thought, teamwork, and experience. At “Your Product Startup”, it is the industrial designer’s responsibility to assess the needs and desires of the consumer and translate them into feasible designs for products that can be engineered and efficiently manufactured.

Industrial Design Sketches for Startups


Industrial Design Drawings for Startups


Industrial Design Cad Renderings for Startups

CAD Rendering