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Marketing Assistance for Startups

When the time comes a Startups will be in need of different marketing material. Depending on the type of product idea you have and where you are at during the process you will slowly need require the following items.

Taking products to market – What you will need

In order to be successful at the beginning of the startup design process, you need to execute your marketing strategy. A creative process in its own. When completing your marketing strategy you are going to need some very important tools to represent yourself, your product and to convey and showcase your invention in the right way. This is where we can help with the following:

Logo Design, Branding and Catalogues for Startups

Logos, Branding & Catalogues

Business Card Design for Startups

Business Cards

Sell Sheet Design for Startups

Sell Sheets

instruction sheet design for startups

Booklets or Instruction Sheets

Packaging design for startups


Website design for startups