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Prototype Service for Startups

If you are a start-up and you are in need of a prototype that you can put into people’s hands we can help!

It’s not easy to put your idea into words and have people understand it. A prototype makes your product a reality while also providing your investors, clients, and friends with a tangible, functional unit they can examine, operate, and discuss.

In addition to giving you a working model, building a prototype is beneficial for many other reasons. A prototype reduces product development costs and risks; helps in obtaining investment as your idea is better understood; refines your product’s aesthetics (form, feel, materials, and textures); determines the dimensions and features of your product; can be used to test your product’s functionality; identifies any design flaws; elicits feedback from your target market and acts as a highly effective marketing tool.

Fabric Prototype for Startups

Fabric Prototypes

Metal Prototypes for Startups

Metal Prototypes

Plastic Prototypes for Startups

Plastic Prototypes

3D Printing for Startups

3D Printing

Functioning Prototypes for Startups

Functioning Prototypes

Prototypes that look real for Startups

Prototypes That Look Real