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Patent Services for Startups

If you are a start-up developing a new product idea and you are interested in protecting it you should be looking into patenting your idea. It’s important to understand the importance of protecting your idea and how this can help you monetize it.

Our product design team has a successful track record obtaining patent protection for its clients. Over the years we have worked with experienced patent agents and attorneys. Your Product Start Up formulates IP strategies and searches for conflicting technology and assists in finding strategies for arguing and defending the response to patent office actions.

The importance of intellectual property for startups

Today’s successful products are all about patents. The Design Patent of the Coca Cola bottle, the Fleecy Trademark Patent, and the many Utility Patented consumer products such as razor blades, toothbrushes, tools, kitchen products, automobiles, glues and PCs.

If a product does not have meaningful patents that allow protection for a much lower cost or much better features, then you have a commodity product that is sold mostly based on price and or relationships. Whether it’s the Kraft that sells the peanut butter or the Pentium II that sold the PC, patents carve out a section of the market until that patent expires or the competition finds a way around that advancement. Whether one intends to sell the product or simply license it, intellectual property is at the core of that value.

Patents allow a startup to startup. With a small investment in Intellectual property a startup business can have protection and slowly build it’s business with profits and minor investment. If not for patents large companies will simply take the idea and offer it at lower cost due to their volumes or even at higher costs due to their distribution or brand names. If Licensing is the goal, there is no licensing without meaningful intellectual property.

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