Product design help for start-ups and small business

As an inventor or a start-up, how do you know when to hire start-up help? Do you really need a firm to help you through the product design process?

There is no set answer to that question. Every product is different. Every inventor varies in terms of their expertise in designing new products and their availability, especially if they have full-time careers. The amount of help required depends on all of these variables.

It goes without saying that every inventor is a unique individual with their own experience and expertise. For example, Inventor A, an artist who happens to have an engineering background, might have a new idea for a product. For someone like that, it may be very easy to sketch out ideas and come up with several concepts or even design a CAD 3D model. This inventor may just need support in perfecting these drawings and creating a prototype. He or she may also need guidance in creating marketing materials.

Inventor B may be an expert in sales and marketing. So the support needed may be more in the beginning stages of product design, like initial concepts, CAD drawings, engineering, and patenting the idea.

Time is another important factor in deciding whether start-up help is needed. We are all busy people. You can be an expert in a lot of different aspects of product design, but if you don’t have time to work on your design, you will never get it done. We see this a lot here at Your Product Startup. Engineers and design experts visit us when they find themselves short of time. In these cases they work closely with us, through each and every step, ensuring the scope of work is followed to the letter.

And, finally, the complexity of your invention or new idea will determine whether you, the inventor, seek more or less start-up help. Some products are complicated, with many parts involved in the design process. Some designs or new ideas may be very simple. Regardless of the intricacy of your design, we are here to jump in at any point and keep the process moving.

Your Product Startup is a product design firm located in Toronto, Canada, specializing in product development for startups and small business. We help inventors at the beginning, middle, or end stages of the design process. We have an experienced team of product designers, including industrial designers, mechanical engineers, product engineers, and graphic designers, along with 3D printing capabilities. Our support consists of concept development, patent protection, prototyping, engineering, visualization, and commercialization. Contact us for a free consultation, sign an NDA, and we’ll get started with your business!